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Fito-beczka kwadratowa
Fito-beczka kwadratowa

Square phyto-barrel

  • Barrel possesses flat back, which makes possible its placing close to a wall.
  • It is very spacious. 
  • Steam generator is included into the set.
We produce our Cedar Phyto-barrels in Siberia (Upper Altai).
We make them of 300 years old selected cedar wood.
Wood is dried and subject to humidity control with the help of wood hydrometers in the time of assembling.
Barrel walls and bottom are additionally sealed with beeswax.

Area of 1.5 square metres is sufficient to position barrel near 230 V voltage socket-contact.
More details in instruction.

Model: Square

height 130 cm
width 84 cm
weight 75 kg
wall thickness 38 cm
length 84 cm
material cedr syberyjski 
availability na zamówienie 

tel: +48 600 355 959, email: [email protected]

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