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Cedar phyto - barrel plays an important part in removing of agents of negative impact on an organism. It allows removing loads of the neuromuscular system as well as of other organism systems. Its positive effect is perceptible within the whole organism, which positively the human immune system.

Cedar phyto - barrel improves metabolism, removes rheumatic pains, relieves stress and restores quickly vital forces. Sweat secretion is increased in a phyto – barrel. Harmful substances, remainders of medicaments as well as toxins obtained from food, are excreted during this process.
Usage of cedar phyto – barrel also has rejuvenating impact on skin.

It is recommended to use phyto - barrel regularly, but you will notice the difference after first time!
15-20 minutes make enough time for us to feel marvelous power of cedar phyto – barrel. 

The most important advantages are as follows:

  • “velvety skin” effect already after the first session
  • Stress liquidation
  • quick relaxation of the whole body after getting overtired
  • removal of Saturday night syndrome
  • fighting cellulite

Everybody can benefit from cedar phyto – barrel, both adults and children. However if you have contraindications towards using please consult your doctor before the treatment.
The heated cedar phyto – barrel components are positioned outside the steam generator. You can regulate the temperature, going up to max of 49 grades. The barrel can be positioned in any room.

It is possible to buy barrels throught the instalment repayment scheme via the grokerage organistaion - ŻAGIEL Company.

Steam emission /decoction of herbs mixture /
in order to open up the skin pores and to
activate organism cleaning.
Penetration of herb mixture to organism
removal of toxins and pollution accumulated in the body

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